What We Offer

I’ve been training with Chris for a little over three years and I can say that it has been an amazing experience. His knowledge and abilities across a number of martial disciplines combined with his capabilities as an instructor make for a training experience that has accelerated my growth as an individual and as a martial artist.

– Tony M.


Crucial Combatives Academy


Reality Based Self Defense, Martial Arts & Combatives Training

Kung Fu San Soo

Modern Escrima Concepts

Jeet Kune Do Concepts & the Filipino Martial Arts

Ground Fighting
(Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kinamotay, Grappling, Etc.)


Crucial Combatives Academy Basic Certification Courses & Seminars:
OC Spray (aka “Pepper Spray”)
Edged Weapon|Knife Defense
Impact|Bludgeon Weapon Defense
Self Defense|Personal Protection
Women’s Self Defense

Other Certification Course Curricula:

We are proud to offer Edged Weapon and Knife Defense curriculum by a leader in the field:

Comprehensive Fighting Systems

Comprehensive Fighting Systems Edged Weapons Curriculum Levels I, II & III
Comprehensive Fighting Systems Counter Blade Tactics Level I


A few thoughts on training Self Defense and Martial Arts  from Crucial Combatives Academy…

Violence can include anything from a verbal threat all the way to what has happened in each World War and every conflict around our globe.

Every violent encounter is different. Unique in its own chaos.

Our best option for survival is to avoid all violence.

Repeat, the best chance ALL of us have to survive violence is to avoid violence.

But to avoid, you must be aware. And to be aware, we must know of WHAT we must beware!!!

Crucial Combatives Academy promotes and teaches violence avoidance, evasion, de-escalation, escape and a healthy lifestyle while providing efficient, concise combative solutions for all types of physical threats. Whether that threat be un-armed or that threat includes having to deal with a knife, stick, gun, multiple attackers, etc. we are confident that you will leave each Crucial Combatives Academy training session with a better chance of surviving violence.

Whether you choose to start the journey towards attaining your black belt in Kung Fu San Soo, or get certified in any number of Crucial Combatives Academy courses you will learn to better avoid violence and how to build safe systems in your life while training the best methods known today to stop physical threats as quickly as possible so that you can get yourself and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

to start your martial arts journey!!!